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Colorado company improves the taste of wine

Hyper-Decanting - The Next Generation of Aeration

A Colorado couple will change the way you look at wine aeration. In fact they will teach you to hyper-decant rather than aerate. Robert and Georgeanna Johansson of Golden Colorado, are the brains behind the product Dare-2-Aer, a hand held hyper-decanter. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Georgie: “It’s faster, and easier than traditional aeration.”

Robert: “It’s more effective too.”

Georgie: “The hand held wine hyper-decanter is designed for single serving sizes, rather than entire bottles; Perfect for box wine buyers”

It all started when we learned people were pouring bottled wine into a blender or food processor. We tried it and loved it! But when enjoying red wine out at a restaurant or public function we really missed hyper-decanting. We knew then we needed a practical and on the go, hyper-decanter. After much thought and consideration, Dare-2-Aer was born.

How does it work?

Hyper-decanting infuses air into wine, with vigor. Rather than allowing only the surface to breath in a stagnant decanter over prolonged time, or aerators limited by the gentle flow of wine from a bottle, Dare-2-Aer powerfully infuses air into wine.

What is the result?

Hyper-decanting ages young wine years in only seconds. It opens the wine’s bouquet and softens the tannins, leaving a smooth and velvety texture, offering peak palatability. You will think you are enjoying a more aged and robust wine. It turns everyday wine into something more special. You can make less expensive wine less sharp, that’s the best part.

Much to our delight, we have made good bottles of wine taste even better and inexpensive wines silky smooth. The point is, if you or your guests, drink dry red wine, chardonnay or whiskey, you won’t be disappointed.

So wine lovers, if you want great tasting wine without the expensive price tag, hyper-decant using Dare-2-Aer!

It’s a great addition to any wine cellar or bar and makes a great gift for wine lovers.

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KWGN's Ernie Bjorkman samples Hyper-Decanted wine