How to use:

Insert 2 AA batteries (Not included).

Helpful hints to whip and sip:

Add wine to glass.

For best results, use a glass size at least 14 oz. and do not overfill liquid.

Activate button only when whisk is in wine.

Turn off button before lifting out of wine.

To remove excess wine from whisk, activate whisk again while still in glass and just above the wine.

How to clean:

Only submerge the whisk in warm soapy water.

Remove from water, activate whisk to spin dry.

Do not submerge plastic housing in water.

Dare-2-Aer Taste Test:

Pour 2 glasses of full bodied wine (Cabernet, Merlot, Bordeaux, etc.).

Aerate only 1 of the glasses.

Sample the aerated wine first.

Now try the wine that was not aerated.

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