Wine aeration (air exposure) reduces much of the astringent or bitter taste in robust wines, particularly young, robust wines.

That’s why wine connoisseurs decant wines and allow wine to breath for up to an hour or more. With a quality wine, the difference between serving directly from the bottle and a wine that’s breathed the proper amount of time, can be like drinking two entirely different beverages. Unfortunately, even the most patient experts, often don’t give their wine the chance to breath sufficiently.

Introducing a new approach to wine aeration called hyper-decanting.

Hyper-decanting infuses air into wine, with vigor!

Our Dare-2-Aer hyper-decanter ages young wine 5 years in only seconds. It delicately opens the wine’s bouquet and softens the tannins, leaving a smooth and velvety texture, offering peak palatability. You will think you are enjoying a more aged and robust wine. It turns everyday wine into something more special.

What is it?

  • A hand held wine aerator
  • Single-serving hyper-decanting
  • Ages wine 5 years in seconds. (Also works on whiskey and spirits)
  • Faster and easier than traditional wine aerators
  • A sleek convenient compact design
  • No Clean-up necessary!

Watch the video below to see how it works

Dare-2-Aer...Whip it in the Glass!

Dare-2-Aer Wine Aerator